Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we try to answer the most common concerns and questions of parents/Grandparents and carers.
If your question is not here, just ask one of our friendly members of staff who will only be too happy to help you.

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Does the Nursery feed into a particular school?
There are many local schools in the area that the children follow on to. Many children travel to the Nursery from outside areas so would possibly attend schools in their own areas.
On our Cosy Toes Nursery site we do have a holiday club called Frankies which is accessed from children around the borough for children aged 5-11 years.


How are Parents involved in the nursery?
We believe in an open door policy where Parents are encouraged to share in the care and education of their child. We have several ways for you to share information about your child with us that will help us to help your child enjoy the nursery and achieve success..
During nursery time you will be told about your child`s progress verbally and in a written form. We also have a photographic record of your child`s time with us. These records are shared with you and are passed to you when you child leaves.


Is the Nursery registered with OFSTED?
All three Nurseries are registered with OFSTED (see individual nursery reports).


How do the Nurseries deal with access control?
The Nurseries are all equipped with CCTV, children are signed on arrival and departure of the nurseries.


Are individual dietary needs met?
All meal times are sociable occasions where children are encouraged to talk and try out new tastes.
A range of freshly cooked lunches, teas and snacks are available every day. Whenever possible a choice is available.
Fresh fruit and vegetables are served at every snack and meal time.
If there are specific dietary needs this would need to be discussed with the manager.


What is the nursery policy on sickness?
From time to time your child may become ill. We have trained First Aiders. We are allowed to administer medicine if you have given consent and are happy for us to do so. There are some childhood illness which may result in your child not being able to attend nursery. EG chicken pox, mumps etc.
We ask you to tell us about any allergies or regular medicine your child may have or need, to enable us to provide the best care for them.


What is the nursery behaviour and discipline policy?
At our Cosy Toes Nurseries, we believe in praising positive behaviour and celebrating a child`s achievements. We do not have naughty chairs or corners; we do not label children in a negative way. We encourage children to develop their own sense of right by experiencing the pleasure of success in what they choose to do.


Does the nursery practice equal opportunities?
We endeavour to provide a relevant, stimulating and challenging nursery experience for all the children who attend. We strive to ensure that all our families are welcomed and kept up to date with information relating to their child.


How does the nursery ensure Health and Safety?
We will do our best to ensure your child is safe at all times. Procedures of locking doors, coded systems, dropping off and collecting children are in place. The building is checked for repairs and risk assessments carried out daily.




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